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What is Intense Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment? 

Radio Frequency offers a non-surgical and non-invasive solution for ocular surface disease (OSD). Harnessing heat and vibration generated by microcurrents, this method targets congested glands and works to rejuvenate the ocular surface. The procedure is known for its remarkable comfort, resembling the soothing sensation of a warm stone massage around the eyes.


What are the Benefits of RF? 

  • Rejuvenates and relieves congested meibomian glands 

  • Improves tear production and quality

  • Reduces dry eye symptoms 

  • Stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production 

  • Reduces facial wrinkles and fine lines

  • Achieves healthier, more vibrant appearance of eyes 

  • Quick, comfortable treatments 

  • Zero downtime 


What to Expect on Treatment Day:

Your scheduled appointment is expected to take approximately 30 minutes. Upon your arrival, you will be guided to our medical spa and seated in a luxurious chair for your comfort. As microcurrents power this treatment, the use of a grounding pad is vital for accurate localization, and it will be gently placed on your upper back.

Before the procedure begins, a thorough cleansing of your eyelids and the adjacent skin will be conducted, followed by the application of a gel to the specified treatment areas. The therapeutic treatment for each eye is estimated to take approximately 7-10 minutes.

How to Prepare for Your Treatment:

Optimal hydration is crucial for achieving a successful treatment outcome.

Enhance your water intake in the two days leading up to your scheduled treatment, aiming for at least six glasses of water daily. Refrain from using facial products that induce excessive skin dryness or exfoliation in the week prior to your appointment. If prolonged sun exposure is anticipated, remember to apply sunscreen. While the treatment is suitable for tan skin, it cannot be performed on sunburned skin or over-open lesions.

Staying Hydrated in Yellow Sweater

After Treatment Care and Expectations:

Content Woman

This treatment involves no downtime. Mild redness in the treated area may occur but usually subsides within 1-2 hours. While several sessions are necessary for optimal results, you can anticipate an improvement in the ocular surface after the initial treatment. The skin will exhibit a more youthful and lifted appearance immediately post-treatment. Additional benefits are seen gradually over 3-4 weeks as the skin and eyes regenerate essential building blocks. 

After completion of your treatment protocol, the results typically remain for up to 12 months and, in some instances, even longer. The longevity of the outcome is influenced by the number of completed treatments and the severity of the condition before the initiation of treatment. 


If you have any questions or concerns about before or after-treatment care, please contact us. 

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